Students in Education

Students in Education
Are you a college student? But do you know what the real understanding of students is? Well, although many know about students, or even themselves a student, the nature of the students themselves is rarely understood. In fact, it contains certain meanings that everyone must know. The importance of knowing the true nature of students is certainly not just for knowledge. But it is also used so that everyone, especially students, deepen their roles. Thus, the impact of course their duties as a student can be done well, so that the objectives can be achieved. Then what is the true nature of students? Check out the following review about the understanding of students and their roles and functions!
Understanding of Students According to Experts. There are some experts who interpret students specifically. The real definition of a student is (Makinmehapiee Reviews):
1. According to the Dictionary. According to a large language dictionary, students are interpreted as college students or in the structure of The worldn education which occupies the highest level of education unit among other levels.
2. According to Knopfemacher. Meanwhile, according to Knopfemancher, students are defined as the candidates who are involved in an institution of higher education, who are expected to become intellectual candidates.
3. According to Sarwono. And according to Sarwono, a student is any person who has officially been registered to take a course at a tertiary institution with an age limit of between 18-30 years. Students are a group in the community that obtains status because they have ties with universities. In addition, students also become a candidate for intellectuals and young intellectuals in a layer of society who are often prerequisites with various predicates in the community itself. a certain age limit that is expected to be an intellectual candidate.
Student Characteristics With the understanding of the students above, it can be concluded that a person is said to be a student if he has the following characteristics: Have the ability and opportunity to be able to study in higher education, so that they can be classified into the intellectual class. Because they have the opportunity, students are expected to one day be able to act as a skilled leader, both at various levels, both in society and in the world of work later. Students are expected to be a dynamic driving force in a process of modernization for social life. And students are expected to enter the workforce and become a qualified and professional workforce.
Student Obligatory Tasks. If you have become a student, surely you have gone through various tests and passed the passing grade of your average rival. But don’t forget when you have a student status, of course you must take part in the implementation of the tri dharma of higher education which is the main task of students. The following explanation:
1. Doing Education. The noble task that must be done by a student is to carry out educational activities. Education here is a student who asks the campus to provide teaching with maximum facilities in the process of learning and teaching activities. From the educational process carried out, it is hoped that superior student seeds will emerge. Because the education system within the scope of lectures is very good, then one day when graduating students must become nation fighters for more advanced The world.
2. Carry out Research. The second task for students is to do research. Students have a burden that is fairly medium hard, because this time students are required to be able to find solutions to a problem. The goal is to create new solutions to problems in society. Students’ research results are required in a professional and scientific manner, not the results of brutally plagiarizing the work of others and are not the results of premature research. Students are required to be able to take advantage of this research in a learning process in order to find changes that will change The world to become more advanced and foremost.
3. Community Service. The last assignment of students is to do community service. In the world of students when it is their mid or final semester, surely the campus will create a community service program. Community service programs can be carried out with a variety of positive activities. In this activity students must be able to socialize directly with the community.
The nature of the social creature must be demonstrated by real contributions. As we know that students are the mouthpiece of the people, agents of change and others. Therefore students are required to know the portion of their duties in serving the community. In order to create a civil society.