Understanding and Benefits of Online Learning

Understanding and Benefits of Online Learning
Understanding online learning in general is a learning that is done electronically using computer-based media and a network. Online learning is also known as electronic learning, e-learning, on-line learning, internet-enabled learning, virtual learning, or web-based learning.
Online learning or e-Learning began around the 1970s) is the result of learning delivered electronically using computers and computer-based media. The usual material is often accessed through a network.
The source can come from websites, internet, intranet, CD-ROM, and DVD. In addition to giving instructions, e-learning can also monitor student performance and report on student progress.
E-learning not only accesses information, but also guides students to achieve specific learning outcomes.
Development of Online Learning. The potential for online learning education applications has developed (Lovelybranka Journalism Reviews). Students can not only access knowledge from textbooks, but also can access subject material from outside the school. Teachers and students can get a lot of information, unlimited, and can be accessed from several libraries around the world! Today the internet has the ability to provide information with a variety of media (including print, video, and sound and music recordings) then the internet is becoming an unlimited library.
Students and teachers can enhance learning in the classroom by accessing information from various sources on the internet through websites or other education service providers. Developments have also been utilized by educational institutions to conduct online learning by holding schools or online courses. Even certified online courses in The world have been recognized by the government and the private sector for the results of their learning efforts.
Understanding Education and Kinds of Education. Understanding Education and Kinds of Education – back together with my education at this time my education will discuss a little about EDUCATION, yes starting from understanding education, the purpose of education, the benefits of education and various types of education ?.
According to my education Understanding Education, education in general is a process of teaching and learning activities, this learning process can be done in a formal, non-formal, and informal way to individuals or groups with the aim of improving the quality of mindset and developing the potential contained in each individual .
or also we can define education is a learning process carried out that aims to educate, provide knowledge, develop self-potential in humans and realize the learning process better.
Kinds of Education. Formal, Non-formal, InFormal Education. As explained above, the education process can be formal, non-formal, and informal education in the hope of increasing the intelligence of the mindset and developing the potential of each individual. then what kind of formal education, non-formal and informal education.
1. Formal Education. Formal Education is a learning process that is generally held in schools and there are regulations that apply and must be followed if you are in learning at school, then there are related parties in monitoring the learning process at school.
In the learning process that is held at school there are clear educational fields ranging from elementary school (SD), junior high school (SMP), high school (high school) to higher education (students).
2. Non-Formal Education. In contrast to formal education, non-formal education is usually found in our own neighborhood, non-formal education activities / activities for example:
3. Informal Education. Continue informal, informal education is an educational path within the family and the environment itself. In this informal education the process of learning activities is carried out independently and carried out with awareness and responsibility.
The results of informal education are recognized the same as formal and non-formal education. What is the reason? because the government views informal education as:
Children must be educated from birth, Education starts from the family, Homeschooling: formal education but carried out informally. Informal was also promulgated because to achieve the goal of national education it starts from the family.
Educational Benefits; In its activities or activities, this education provides many benefits to humans, such as giving humans a very broad knowledge, developing human personality for the better, instilling positive values for humans, and to train humans to develop the talents / talents that he has for positive things.
Educational Objectives; The purpose of education, this education has a goal that is to: develop intelligence, develop human personality to have noble character, able to control themselves, have skills, high creativity, and of course also to educate people to be better.