Relationship between College and Work to Stay Successful

Relationship between College and Work to Stay Successful
College while working, of course, not everyone can do it, considering not only sacrificing time, but also energy and mind.
Well, for those of you who are carrying out such things, don’t worry, because there must all be ease and benefits. Not only money will be obtained, but also a lot of experience.
When more experience is gained, our skills will increase and will provide goodness in the future.
In addition to such cases, lecturing while working will certainly be a peel and a separate achievement. How not, you study from the results of your own hard work.
This means, the learning to be done is more serious and attentive, because of course you do not want to waste time, money and energy right?
You can carry out lectures and work at the same time well, then consider the following description of tips, benefits and motivation for college while working.
Study and work. Tips While Working on Lectures So That Tasks Are Not Strict
Are you a college student while working with a large income? Of course you must be good at managing time as possible. This is the goal so that not only the work is smooth, but the lecture also remains carried out.
For those of you who don’t want to get grades down in college because of working side, then consider the following tips (Technology Information Journal Tips on Lilsassy Info form):
1. Arrange Daily Planning Appropriately, and Consistency Must Be Maintained!
By conducting lectures while working, of course your free time during the day will be reduced. So with these limitations, you should be able to make the most of your time. Well, the way is to record what you will do throughout tomorrow.
So, just take about 10 minutes to plan what you will do. This of course can minimize the waste of time on tomorrow because we only have to carry out what we are planning. And make sure this daily schedule must always be consistent, so that every day you do not get stuck.
2. Do Tasks in Special Places to Stay Focused
Because you have limited time, then work on college assignments in a special place free from distractions. Namely, enter a conducive space without someone, turn off the gadget, and all the tools that interfere with concentration
Most people always underestimate the little things that can actually interfere with their work. Or they don’t even realize that little things like cell phone ringing can prevent them from carrying out their plans and reaching their goals.
So leaving aside the annoying things temporarily can increase your concentration. As a result the tasks that are being done are completed faster.
3. Ask Friends to Help If You Don’t Understand the Material or Tasks
Students who carry out lectures while working, surely the concentration is divided between lectures and work. Well, for those of you who still don’t understand the lessons learned, don’t hesitate to ask friends for help.
Studies conducted by Psychologist Catherine Crompton from the University of Edinburgh show that people generally complete tasks better when working cooperatively than alone.
By asking friends for help in learning you can get two advantages, which can be closer to college friends and certainly lessons that you don’t understand can be learned together.
4. When Tired, Then Rest
One tips for college while working that you must do, namely rest when you are tired. Yaps, with so many tasks piling up and heavy work, of course your body will feel tired. If this is the case, do not force to do the task or return to work, but rest.
Why is adequate rest so important? because adequate and quality rest makes you stay active when active. Lack of sleep for only one or two hours per night will make your body feel tired and weak. If you lack a break will tend to be less productive in college or work.
In addition to this, resting is not just enough to lie alone, occasionally you also have to have free time to put the gadget. Because even if you lie down, but playing gadgets, it still won’t relax your body. So, occasionally keep the gadget out of reach.
5. Use Weekend for Refreshing
Work and lecture are important. But that does not mean that you have in mind only work and study. But you also need entertainment or refreshing fun so the mind returns fresh.
Dr Russell Poldrack, director of the Imaging Research Center of the University of Texas at Austin, said vacationing would provide a new experience. This condition can make the brain respond by releasing dopamine into the hippocampus (the part of the brain that creates memory or memories). This will improve your brain’s memory of remembering things
So, use the weekend to go refreshing or for fun activities. For example, vacation with friends, family, or lover.
Benefits of College While Working
Tired and tired must be felt by students who carry out lectures while working. But do not worry there must be goodness behind it. So that you are more active in studying and working, here are the benefits of college while working:
1. Be Disciplined With Time
You have to know, not many people go to college while working, because only disciplined people can successfully do it.
People who can do two big jobs one after another must have high discipline, because if they are not disciplined, one of the jobs will be messy. So college while working requires you to be disciplined with time.
2. Practicing Focus
Concentration in two things is certainly not easy, because it requires high concentration. Thus, this course will train your focus both when studying or working. Because if learning does not focus, the impact is the value of falling, and if it does not focus on work, the impact is fired.
3. Adding And Extending Relationships
Having two different environments namely work and college, of course the more friends you have. This of course has the advantage that the more friends you have, the more relationships you get. More than that it is not impossible if one of the relationships will help in the future.
4. Mandiri to Manage Finances
The benefits of college while working next is that you can pay for your own life and study so that you can reduce the burden on parents. Yaps, after working hard to send you to school for 12 years, of course it’s time you lighten the burden by studying by yourself. In addition, it is also useful in the future to have independence.
5. Adding Experience
This is a plus for someone who has work experience when he is in college, he already has work experience. Because in the world of work work experience is crucial to the acceptance of someone in the company.
By doing 2 things at once namely lecture while working, then you get more education from others. So surely the way you look at things has a different perspective, which of course is better than other people.
This is a plus for someone who has work experience when he is in college, he already has work experience. Because in the world of work work experience is crucial to the acceptance of someone in the company.
The more experience, the better it will be for your life. Because if more experience is gained, then if you have graduated from college later, it will be easier to find a job. This means, your work and college will succeed.