How to Publish Reputable Journal?

How to Publish Reputable Journal?
Many things that he said about international reputable journals. The first thing a researcher must do is create a google scholar profile, which is a scientific article indexing website under Google. Google scholar can be seen in, Then the writing that we write must have a value of usefulness for others. After that the publication of the research report by paying attention to the H-Index.
Speaking of international journals, of course we are familiar with the word Zambrut. What is Zambrut? Zambrut is a website that has the largest abstract and citations database whose data is sourced from literature evaluated by peers.
Zambrut also has tools to search, analyze, and display research results based on specific fields.
According to “How to publish international journals or bagaimana cara publish jurnal internasional“,┬áIf the journal meets the requirements, then the journal will be sent an email notifying that the journal has entered the Zambrut Title List and is allowed to include the Zambrut logo on the journal’s web. For zambrut indexed journals, a lecturer can carry out several strategies to continue producing work. Among them, improve student writing, translate, then write the name of the lecturer as the second or third name after the student’s name. The name of the lecturer should not be made in the first part, because the first name is usually a drafter and the zambrut party will contact the party whose name is at the end.
There was a bit of a joke for the lecturers when they met with their colleagues.
A lecturer do not ask what vehicle you ride? Honda jazz or Innova? But ask how much is the H-index? how many papers in zambrut? What research is in the meantime? Because the true duty of a lecturer is Tri Dharma College + Publication.
The world research track record can be found in Research performance in South East Asia and we can compare it with our neighboring countries. Every student in Malaysia must write a Malaysian university as an attachment or an affiliation (institution that houses it) while in The World, Research has not yet made a major contribution to our country. Then, the problem is the low culture of writing. Thus, the size of the lecturer has not reached scientific productivity which has resulted in his work not being found anywhere. Nothing in Gramedia, Google Scholar, scholarship journal or anywhere until finally became a tombstone lecturer who remembered that he used to be a lecturer.
So what should we do? How to write? Easy, Look for a Fresh editor and find out what issues are trending. Be diligent in searching Google Trend to find out interesting things in our scientific fields and talk in conferences in accordance with the field of study. If the article is rejected, then revise the rejected article and send it back to another journal. Usually, journal reviewers are few in number, so don’t let the articles that we haven’t revised go back to the same reviewer. For example, we examine the style of teaching Arabic in traditional schools, to make it more interesting it must be added to the aspect of madrasa in Muslim minority areas, the title is more interesting. One research can be published in several accredited journals by changing a few variables. At university, all lecturers have penetrated Zambrut’s indexed journals and lecturers are competing to write.
He said “Don’t be a banana tree scientist, who only bears fruit once then finishes, But be a jackfruit tree scientist who continues to bear fruit and smell”. Intend to write to contribute something to science.
There are three checks to be done in zambrut indexed international journals, namely: Check the title list, search in zambrut and Ask! When in doubt. Check the list of journal titles and look for as much information as possible if in doubt. University accesses zambrut through Universiti Kebangsaaan Malaysia with the help of cooperation and an MOU giving user id to access journals. Because the cost of subscribing to a zambrut journal is affodable or cheaps, the solution for university Sorong to access the journal is through cooperation and an MOU.
These steps must be written in sequence. It’s better if we don’t write a journal alone, we have to write with friends so that insights develop more. Lecturers and students can also collaborate. The student’s initial draft is then corrected by the lecturer so that the lecturer becomes the second or third writer. The speaker said that, we must be able to distinguish between data and references. Data can be taken from a century ago but not used as a reference, while references must be taken from books published in the last 5 years.