Student Roles and Functions

Student Roles and Functions
In addition to the student assignments above, students also have special roles and functions that are grouped into 5 types, with the following reviews:
1. Students as Social Control. By having a higher education than other levels, students have intellectual abilities and social sensitivity, which are expected to be able to control the social life of the community. By being able to provide advice, solutions, and criticism of various problems facing society or the nation. In addition, the role of students as social control also occurs when something goes wrong or odd in people’s lives. Thus, students are expected to be able to convey if there is bureaucratic rot that is considered prevalent (by Lisascorner Reviews). Furthermore, if a student is indifferent or does not care about the environment, then there will be no better hope in the life of the nation and state later. That is because a student is appropriate to be able to foster a spirit of social care, so he must care about the various realms of social elements. Where concern as a student is not only manifested in the form of demonstrations and take to the streets, but through brilliant thinking, moral and material assistance, and constructive discussions.
2. Students as Agents of Change. As high-level students who act as agents of change, students are not only like heroes who come from a country that initiates change, but also as actors or objects in making big changes and make leaders who have no competence feel hot and anxious.
That is because, with so much injustice and ignorance committed by the leaders of this nation, students must be able to think actively in order to restore and change the situation to its original form.
Where the change in question is a change for the better, but still does not eliminate his true identity. If we as students, let us create reformers and founding fathers in the souls of students so that they are not swallowed up by the hedonism of the times.
2. Students as Iron Stock. It is said as an iron stock, the role of students is as the next generation of the nation, which is expected to have the skills, abilities, and noble character, so that they can become candidates for leaders who are ready to use. Because it is a reserve, assets, and hopes of the nation in the future.
3. In addition, students are not only intellectual academics who sit and listen to lecturers on the lecture bench, but they must also be able to enrich knowledge even better, for that in terms of their professionalism or society.
Because, the role of students as iron stock is as a candidate for national leaders who have a bright future, so that they will be able to replace existing generations. Thus, students are not only sufficient with specific knowledge, but also need to have other soft skills such as leadership, ability to position themselves, and high sensitivity.
4. Students as Moral Force. Students are students who are at the highest level of education, so they are required or even required to have good moral values. In addition, the intellectual level of a student will certainly be aligned at the level of morality in various aspects of his life.
As a student must have a basic reference in attitude and behavior. The basic references are behavior, words, how to dress, how to behave, and so forth related to polite morals. All these references must be owned by students in order to create good morals, not bad morals. This is where students are required to be responsible for their intellectual power in moral strength in society.
5. Students as Guardian of Value. Students as Guardian of Value means students act as guardians of values in society. Then what kind of values should be maintained by a student?
Students are said to be academics if they are able to maintain the values of society and can think scientifically. Students are required to uphold justice, honesty, integrity, mutual cooperation, empathy, and the qualities needed in other social lives.
In addition, a student is also required to be able to think with knowledge about the values they maintain. In fact, in this case, students also have to act as carriers, conveyers, and disseminators of knowledge and values they have learned in college. There is still one more value that meets the criteria as a value that must be maintained by students, these values are the values of scientific truth.
Students must be able to look for various truths based on scientific character which are sourced from the sciences obtained and then must be applied and guarded in the community.
But it must be kept in mind, students are still a human being created so that all scientific thought must comply with applicable provisions. Thus an explanation of the understanding of students complete with the characteristics, assignments and roles. Of course you now know what the obligations and rights of a student must be carried out. As the next generation of influential nations in the future, reach the knowledge as deep as possible so that lectures are not in vain.