How to Succeed in Agricultural Plant Cultivation

How to Succeed in Agricultural Plant Cultivation
But before that, you must also consider the choice of place by paying attention to the land in that place. Note that the land to be planted is fertile or not, this is very influential not only on the growth process but also the content of substances present in the kiwi tree.
Watering the Kiwi Tree. The process of watering the kiwi tree is very important and should not be ignored. For watering itself it would be better if the water used was mixed with fermented rice washing water. This will help the growth process more quickly and increase the kiwi fruit when the harvest comes.
The correct watering method is: Mix ordinary water with wash water with a ratio of 4: 1. After being mixed evenly, sirampak twice a day on the kiwi tree that is in the morning and evening for maximum results. In addition, if there is no rice washing water, using fertilizer water mix is also good for tree growth and fertility. Namely with a ratio of 5: 1 water and fertilizer (on Nature Research Science on Life Coaching Dombora Reviews).
Weeding the Kiwi Tree. Weeding is an important process that you must do if you want your kiwi tree to have lush and fertile fruit. Weeding itself is a process of cleaning and removing weeds and weeds that are around the area of the kiwi tree.
Do weeding every 2 weeks, this will effectively make weeds and wild plants do not appear quickly.
Cutting branches or branches. The next treatment process that is no less important than caring for the kiwi tree is cutting branches or twigs on the kiwi tree. If it is felt that the kiwi tree has entered the period after harvesting, you should cut off some parts of the branches or branches of the tree if it is disturbing. In addition to tidying the shape of the tree, cutting on the kiwi tree aims to maximize the process of absorption of nutrients and minerals in the tree so as to produce the highest quality fruits and lots.
Kiwi Harvest.
Unlike other tropical trees such as mangoes or guava water that can be harvested just by picking the fruit just like that, kiwifruit is harvested in different ways. And here is the correct way to harvest kiwifruit: Choose kiwifruit that has ripened the tree. Characteristics, kiwifruit ready for harvest has a smoother skin texture with brownish green skin color and a sweet and has a nice smell. Use plant scissors as a fruit stalk cutter, avoid harvesting by just picking it by hand. This will damage the growth of fruit and the next flower that will grow. If there are no plant shears, use ordinary scissors to pick them.
Kiwi trees start bearing fruit at the age of 3 to 4 years since they are planted.
Bananas are one of the plants commonly found in our environment, bananas can grow in various locations and only require simple maintenance. Bananas are a large tribe of Musaceae, there are various species of this tribe found in The world and almost all of them are quite commonly consumed as fruit. Bananas appear in organized formations called bunches with groups of lined fruit called combs.
Banana seedlings are a very important part of good banana cultivation.
Banana seeds can be bought or prepared by yourself. Banana seedlings to be planted should be chosen that have a height of one to one and a half meters and have a tuber or banana root section with a width of about 20 cm.
It is highly recommended to choose seeds from banana trees that have good stems and fruit. This is one of the banana cultivation techniques to get good results. Height and genetic flow of banana seeds will greatly affect the results in this case is the number of bananas in one comb and the number of combs in one bunch of bananas.
Preparing Banana Tree Seeds. Brood bananas will be planted with a density or planting distance of 2 meters from other banana trees. Each tree is maintained to have a number of 7 to 9 buds. Cutting or thinning of shoots must be done so that the number of shoots remains at an ideal number of 7 to 9 shoots. Too many shoots will affect the size and quality of the seedlings produced. Banana seedlings that have been separated from their parents need special care to avoid disease and grow well.